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Sooyeon Lee, Wonsung Lee, Il-Chul Moon and Hoonjeong Kwon, 2015, Consumers Perceptions on Sodium Saccharin in Social Media, Journal of Food Hygiene and Safety, Vol 30, No 4, pp 329-342


Abstract : 

 The purpose of this study was to investigate consumers’ perceptions of sodium saccharin in social media. Data was collected from Naver blogs and Naver web communities (Korean representative portal web-site), and media reports including comment sections on a Yonhap news website (Korean largest news agency). The results from Naver blogs and Naver web communities showed that it was primarily mentioned ‘sodium saccharin-no added’ products, properties of sodium saccharin, and methods of reducing sodium saccharin in food. When media reported the expansion of food categories permitted to use sodium saccharin, search volume for sodium saccharin has increased in both PC and mobile search engines. Also, it was mainly commented about distrust of government, criticism of food product price, and distrust of food companies below the news on the news site. The label of sodium saccharin-no added products in market emphasized “no added-sodium saccharin”. These results suggest that consumers are interested in sodium saccharin and especially when media reported the expansion of food categories permitted to use it.
Consumers were able to search various information on sodium saccharin except safety or acceptable daily intake through social media. Therefore media or competent authority should report item on sodium saccharin with information including safety or acceptable daily intake based on scientific background and reference or experts’ interview for consumers to get reliable information.


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