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Changho Sung, Il-Chul Moon, and Tag Gon Kim, Collaborative Work in Domain-Specific Discrete Event Simulation Software Development, IEEE International Workshop on Collaborative Modeling and Simulation, Larissa, Greece Jun 28-30, 2010 


Abstract : 

Modeing and simulation (M&S) is an important method to evaluate numerous designs and operational concepts for a real-world system. If a system to be modeled is domain-specific, developing the simulation software of the system will require domain knowledge about the system as well as understanding the M&S methodology. This paper describes M&S stakeholders and proposes a collaborative work process in the development of domain-specific simulationsoftware. M&S stakeholders are persons with their own professional knowledge: subject matter experts (SME), domain engineers, M&S engineers, platform engineers, and simulation data analysts. The M&S process consists of eight activities from defining modeling objectives to analyzing simulation data, and diverse M&S stakeholders work together in each activity. The M&S process is applied to develop a real-world M&S software development experience in a military domain. Through the proposed collaborative work process, the capabilities of the M&S stakeholders can be utilized maximally by seamlessly separating yet correlating their works.


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keywords={discrete event simulation;groupware;military computing;software engineering;M&S engineer;M&S process;M&S stakeholder;collaborative work;discrete event simulation software development;domain engineer;fleet antiair defense simulation software;modeling and simulation method;platform engineer;simulation data analyst;subject matter expert;Analytical models;Collaborative software;Collaborative work;Data analysis;Data engineering;Discrete event simulation;Knowledge engineering;Moon;Object oriented modeling;Programming;Collaborative work;M&S stakeholders;Modeling and simulation (M&S);Software development process}, 


Source Website :,%20Il-Chul%20Moon,%20and%20Tag%20Gon%20Kim,%20Collaborative%20Work%20in%20Domain-Specific%20Discrete%20Event%20Simulation%20Software%20Development,%20IEEE%20International%20Workshop%20on%20Collaborative%20Modeling%20and%20Simulation,%20Larissa,%20Greece%20Jun%2028-30,%202010%20


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