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김정훈최창범문일철김탁곤임무-교전급 시뮬레이션 모델의 연동을 통한 전투 실험함대 대공 방어 효과도 분석 사례한국 군사 과학 기술 학회, 2010 6 17-18


Abstract : 

 The anti-air defense system of the modern navy requires well-planned deployment plans for a critical situation due to 1) the absence of an anti-air cover on the sea, 2) the critical strategic value of an individual warship that may dissipate when the defense fails, and 3) the fast operational tempo of the anti-air defense operation situation. This paper aims to develop the evaluation of such deployment plans, or the tactical doctrine, through simulation analyses. Particularly, the anti-air operation of a fleet is an operation at the fleet and the warship levels, so we perform this evaluation by interoperating two models at two heterogeneous levels: the engagement level for the warship and the mission level for the fleet. To complete the battle experiment evaluation by using two models, we identified overlapping parameters of the two models as well as parameters exclusive from one model to another, and we supplied the overlapping mission level parameters from the engagement model, which may result in different evaluations using parameters determined by a human analyst. This paper compares and contrasts the differences of suggested strategies from the stand-alone engagement model, the stand-alone mission model, and the interoperation model. We expect that this interoperating battle experiment has opportunities to be applied in other mission-engagement situations of the military.

No. Subject
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» 김정훈, 최창범, 문일철, 김탁곤, 임무-교전급 시뮬레이션 모델의 연동을 통한 전투 실험: 함대 대공 방어 효과도 분석 사례, 한국 군사 과학 기술 학회, 2010년 6월 17-18일 file
2 조요한, 김동우, 문일철, 오혜연, LDA를 이용한 대용량 블로그 문서 처리, 2009 인공지능 연구회 추계 워크샵, 한국정보과학회, 2009년 10월 23일 file
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