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In order to estimate the launch point of a high-speed vehicle, predicting the various characteristics of the
vehicle's movement, such as drag and thrust, must be preceded by the estimation. To predict the various
parameters regarding the vehicle’s characteristics, we build the IMM filter specialized in predicting the parameters
of the post-launch phase based on flight dynamics. Then we estimate the launch point of the high-speed vehicle
using Inverse Dynamics. In addition, we assume the arbitrary error level of the radar for accuracy of the
prediction. We organize multiple-dimensioned IMM structures, and figure out the optimal value of parameters by
comparing the various IMM structures. After deriving the optimal value of parameters, we verify the launch point
estimation error under certain error level.


  title={초고속 비행체의 발사 원점 추정을 위한 다중 IMM 필터 시험},
  author={김윤영 and 박준건 and 김상현 and 문일철},
  journal={한국항공우주학회 학술발표회 초록집},


Key Words:

Launch Point Estimation(발사 원점 추정), High Speed Vehicle(초고속 비행체), Interacting Multiple Model
(상호작용 다중 모델), Ballistic Coefficient(탄도 계수), Thrust(추진력)