Research at AAILab.

AAILab researches on how to understand, design, and manage complex socio-economic systems in our societies. Diverse complex socio-economic systems exist in our societies, and some of them are listed in the below.
- Industrial organizations
- Military and intelligence organizations
- Emerging smart markets
- Stock market and its investors 
- Social media in the cyber space. 
For instance, a stock market is a complex economic system consisting of complicate financial engineering components. On top of this complex economic system, its investors form a complex social system to exchange their investment information and opinions by utilizing various social systems, such as social networking services (SNS). Another example is a military organization pursuing the maximum effectiveness from its mission outcome. This effectiveness can be interpreted as an economic behavior as well as the operation of the military organization, such as command and control (C2), can be viewed as social processes through social systems. Hence, the modern military organization exhibits the complex socio-economic behavior.
Understanding, designing, and managing such complex socio-economic systems require better supports through computational methodologies. Previously, subject-matter experts who have indepth understanding of the systems from the years of experience designed and managed the complex systems. However, given the growing sizes of and interactions within the systems, human insights and wisdom now require supports from computational methodologies. For example, modeling and simulting complex military organizations is now a common practice in designing and managing new military unit structures. Another example is modeling and simulating urban population to prepare manuals and technologies for disaster management. Addtionally, managers and policy makers now utilizes data-mining and social network analysis techniques to better understand the population's hearts and minds. 
To meet this increasing demands for computational analyses of complex socio-economic systems, AAILab pursues the below research objectives.
1) Inventing new computational methodologies for understanding, designing, and managing complex socio-economic systems
2) Applying computational methdolgoeis to understanding, designing, and managing complex socio-economic systems in the real world
The computational methodologies of SESLab's interests are listed in the below, but not limited to those.
- Social network analysis
- Agent based modeling and simulations
- Multi-media data-mining
- Bayesian network for risk managements
- Deep generative models for indepth understanding on the complex phenomena
- Text analyses with contexts of socio-economic systems
- Deep neural network and its hybrid with probabilistic graphical models on political situation analyses